In order to make the most of your stay in Jericoacoara we have prepared some useful indications and suggestions that can help:


Our Wifi is Kitesurfando or Vila Kitesurfando // Password jeri2021 – The technology here is not the best, perhaps at peak times internet speed is a bit slow, but nothing that will stop you from working, posting your photos and experiences with friends and family. Ah, if you want to tag us in your photos we are on Instagram @vilakitesurfando

NOT Allowed:

  • Smoke inside the apartments
  • Visitors with out prior notice
  • Feed the dog called Lanlan, she is already too fat… Kira (white one) its ok and she is alaways around! : )

-Transportation INSIDE the village

Here we walk everywhere. From the gate towards right side you will see the Sunset Dune and the main beach – it is only few minutes walk. To the village/main square you can also walk towards the last house on the street and turn right passing through Pousada La Villa, cross other alleys until you reach Pousada Araxá, from there a jump to São Francisco, Principal and Forró Streets, where you can find practically the best restaurants, bars and shops. If you are tired and want to take a BUGGY TAXI, we recommend Paulinho contact via WhatsApp +55 (85) 99681-4050.

– Delivery

For your convenience there are several delivery services, many of them not even charge a fee:

TEND TUDO Supermarket – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99698-9073

DELLI JERI (Special Cheese & Wines) – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99991-7778

ÁGUA JERI – 20l Water Gallons  – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99737-8482

PHARMACY Bem Estar – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99783-4789

NATURALMENTE Açaí & CrepsWhatsApp +55 (85) 99700-6116

DELICIAS Da Vila (Sweets & Burguers) – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99679-8091

LOS LOCOS Burger – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99949-5893

567 Burger – WhatsApp +55 (85) 99747-0599      Menu:

SABOR DE MINAS (marmitex) – WhatsApp +55 (31) 97529-6513

FREDDYSSIMO – WhatsApp +55 (85) 98593-8701

VERDIM NO POTE (SALADS) – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99861-9307

MAKAIO POKE – WhatsApp +55 (88) 98177-1777 insta @makaio.poke

KAZE Sushi – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99961-5791

KAFILA Kebab – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99906-6357

RESTAURANTE PIMENTA VERDE – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99916 0577

BISTROGONOFF – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99609-1158

ARAXÁ PIZZARIA (ITALIAN) – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99971-9162

LADOB PIZZA – WhatsApp +55 (88) 99691-0106 insta @ladobpizzas

EMPANADAS ARGENTINAS – WhatsApp +541167552021 insta @el_gringo_empanadas

LAUNDRY Service Jeri – WhatsAPP +55 (88) 99628-2231 // LAUNDRY Sr. ANTONIO +55 (88) 99604-2570

App Delivery Jeri

You can always inform to DELIVER to VILA KITESURFANDO on Rua do Estacionamento, SECOND HOME after POUSADA VILA BELA VISTA, green wall!

DAY & NIGHT in Jeri

ClubVentos – ideal to enjoy the day at the beach, beautiful space with beach chairs and umbrellas, nice service, only pays for what you consume.

Naturalmente – best Açaí & Crep in town, is on the beach ideal for sunset. Delivery WhatsApp (85) 99700-6116

Snack´s Bar – snack bar on the beach, a very quiet place, next to BOB windsurf school.

Banana Pie da Tia Angelita – every afternoon there is a warm banana pie very typical from here, at Shopping da Tapioca on Rua Principal.

KUARA restaurante Kilo – good for a quick lunch in the village, homemade food and per kilo. It is located on Rua São Francisco.

NA CASA DELA – regional food restaurant, well decorated. There is the one at Rua Principal (we like it better) and there is one at BECO do Forró with a elaborate Mediterranean menu.

KAZE SUSHI – Delicious sushi, there are two units, one on Rua do Forró and the other on Rua São Francisco

ZCHOPP – Bar with live music and delicious pizza, it is right on the main square

ITALIAN ICE CREAM GELATO & GRANO – Italian style ice cream with several regional flavors, it is in front of the main square.

TOUR to LAGOA PARAISO – Super fun a buggy or QUAD ride through NATIONAL PARK and LAGOA PARAISO can schedule with the agencies at RUA PRINCIPAL, or can contact Claudia via WhatsApp +55 (88) 99600-8708 or Carlos WhatsAPP +55 (88) 98125-7029 always let them know it was Juliana from Vila Kitesurfando nomination to get a nice discount! 🙂

TOUR to BARRINHA with lunch at KOMAKI – Barrinha Beach is after Prea Beach it’s worth taking a QUAD tour and having seafood at KOMAKI, lobster and octopus are the specialties.

TOUR to TATAJUBA – A full day trip to the west side, passing by Guriu and visiting LAGO GRANDE. You can eat delicious grilled fresh fish at BARRACA do DIDI.

SURF ou SUP LESSONS – The best school is Jericoacoara30Knots only contact Marine Instructor via WhatsApp +55 (31) 99420-7984

KITESURF Lessons e DOWNWINDers – Can drop a message to Carla she is give you all tips WhatsApp +55 (85) 99953-8920.

If you want to help the ONG of PROTECTORS of ANIMALS JERI SOBRE PATAS you can contribute by contacting via instagram @jerisobrepatas – they have been working on campaigns of spaying cats and stray dogs since 2011.


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